3ds max modeling tutorials

3ds max modeling tutorials

3ds max modeling tutorials. There are lots of resources available for 3ds max modeling on internet. Here are some of the tutorials you can follow & learn new tricks & techniques about 3d modeling. I have collected some tutorial which can be helpful to you. This post will showcase some of the best free 3ds max modeling tutorials on the internet.

3D modeling of mobile phones – some tips and tricks

The first principle isn’t that obvious on the face of it: all mobile phones differ among themselves. And these differences are quite significant. That means that copy-paste here won’t work at all – it is required an individual approach to each phone.

3D-modeling-of-mobile-phones - some-tips-and-tricks

Credit : https://hum3d.com


3Ds Max 2017 – New UV mapping features with tutorial on how to unwrap characters

Here’s a quick look into the new UV features of 3Ds Max 2017, combined with a character UV mapping tutorial. I hope you will enjoy it, let me know if your heart desires more of these! Happy Devving everyone!


Credit : https://www.cgtrader.com


3ds Max Modeling with Smoothing Groups

In this video we will see how we can model in 3ds Max by using the smoothing groups option.


Credit : https://evermotion.org


Import 2D plans into 3D application the right way

Almost all of my 3d rendering projects start with an architectural drawing, usually done with AutoCAD by an architect or interior designer.

When a client send me his building plans, 99.9% of the time they will contain a lot of information that I might not need, or that would make it very difficult for me to “read” the building outline in order to import it to a 3D application.

Such information could be; electrical wiring, dimensions, text, symbols, hatches, topography measures and so on.

Your goal is to prepare the plans as much as you can in 2D before you even opened your 3D application.

So how does one go about doing that?

Import 2D plans into 3D application the right way

Credit : https://archvizcamp.com


3D Modeling How to / The Mills Chair

Hi, I’m pleased to share with you the process of making the Mills Chair which you can also download here by sharing…

The first thing that I always do when I start modeling something is to search for reference images and the dimensions of the object I am modeling.

The first element I started to model was the back of the seat. I started out by creating a simple box in which I put the exact dimensions of the volume of the chair as seen from the specification file – 62x60x76. This serves just as a general guideline so that I know within which limits I need to kepp the 3d model.

3D Modeling How to / The Mills Chair

Credit : https://www.ronenbekerman.com


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